Library and Museum Directors:   Cathy Maciariello and Rachel Neisler

Circulation Assistants:  Jenni Kascel, Lynda Orrick, Libby Letterly, Christina Vannoy


The Atlanta Public Library District is governed by a 7-member board of trustees. The trustees are elected, non-partisan positions. The trustee’s term of appointment is six years.  The library’s current board members are listed below.

Randy Brooks, President

Lori Cotton, Vice-President

Steve Dreyer, Treasurer

Karen Horn, Secretary

Jim Welchel

Robert Letterly

Jeremy Snead


Board Packets 2017-18

Minutes are approved at the following month's board meeting. approved minutes will then be posted following their approval.








August - No meeting

Notice of Budget Hearing

Special Meeting September

September Regular Meeting

October - No meeting


December - No meeting



Board Meeting Dates


The library board meets  at 6:30 p.m in the Union Hall events space, see the above link for meeting dates.  Board meetings are open to the public. The board agendas are posted in the library as well as online.  Printed board packets and approved board meeting minutes are available upon request at the library or via the links above. Packets are typically available 48 hours before a meeting date with the board approved packet posted the following week.  (The original signed and certified documents are available in the library for full review.)  To contact a board member, please complete the form below.


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The Atlanta Public Library and Museum are supported by tax revenue, grants and individual contributions.  Vital gathering places for the community, the Library and Museum offer wonderful opportunities to volunteer and participate in community life.  To find out how you can contribute or become a volunteer, call the Library (217-648-2112) or send an email to: Join a fantastic team of people who are committed to making Atlanta a vibrant community that reflects the needs, interests and aspirations of everyone.